Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the end and the beginning

This sunset is meant to signify the end of this month...[plz click THIS photo to view larger..]

....And this, the beginning of a new. Taken only a few minutes after i photographed the sunset. [don't believe me, check the time tag after clicking on the photos to view the images in large]. If i cud hav photographed the setting by this small river, it wud hav been better, but the sun was nowhere to be seen...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

nonrandom september pics

These are some chosen photos taken this september, but was not published earlier. These were really standing out amongst others in my camera album folder, so i decided to choose the better ones, n compile them in one post.

Took this photo in the afternoon of 8th sept. The white circular form seems to add grace to this simplistic photo.

A wierd photo indeed. This was something i hadn't done before. To take this photo of a turn in the highway, not only did i had to wait for a moment when there were no vehicles on the road, but also look out for some groups of people. I had to reverse my phone, so that the lens were the closest to the ground... explains the date tag on the top-left hand corner, instead of the usual bottom-right hand. Interesting experience takin the pic!! ^__^

Barbed wires forming a silhouette. Taken on 23rd, this photo was almost goin to be lost in my folder, as i didn't even remember taking this photo!!

How's the concept of this 3-in-1 post??

September's ending, who's gonna wake me up???

September's coming to an end. i think i really need to 'wake up' and concentrate on things more important in my life, and which are goin to be important for me. This is one of the most affective academic yrs for me, being the last yr of school.. Somehow i havn't realised that, (one reason why I'm writin this blog, when what i shud be doin right now is studyin!). I feel, someone needs to wake me up when september ends.. (some forgettable personal memories on song too!). And i need to take life in a more serious manner....

whAt!! such a serious blog, with no explanation on the photograph???
widened to give the edge, this photo signifies that i'm stuck behind something, and the september sun is setting, will it be too late to wake up tomorrow???

Monday, September 28, 2009

spiral of clouds

The evening of 27th september also was photogenic..
the clouds seem to form a spiral, and it felt interesting to me.
Also, i've obviously used this:


very hot a morning!!

27th september had a very hot morning in my town..
i photographed from a place where i didn't take photos earlier. The light was soo unbearable that i had to half cover my eyes, and stay in the shadows of the trees, not that it helped much!

do u like how the photos came out??

C0ol Tecнпiк!!!!

I discovered a technique to make ur photos look more cooler....

see for urslf

It's very simple to do... u must hav heard of image editing softwares or websites (if u havn't, don't spoil my blog by readin any further???!!).
  • Just open/upload the photo u wanna edit,
  • then choose 'resize'
  • keep the width same, but change the height to the half of width. eg. my photo was originally 640x480, when i resized, i kept the width 640 the same, but changed 480 to 320 {ie, 640/2}.
  • voila!! u wud agree the photo looks so much cooler, as if taken by a WIDE camera!!
  • just a thing: ONLY POSSIBLE on photos of LANDSCAPE orientation, NOT portrait...!!
ı пεεd мøяεεε øf ця çøммεптs.. .!!!!

also, don't hesitate to share!!


Yesterday On 26th Sept, i took all the pics of this post while in a bus.. so, quality not quite upto the mark.... :(

the date n time marker is there in the pics, so u can see how much time i spent in goin n comin back..!! :-S

this pic
was taken with much difficulty, coz i wasn't sittin beside the window....!! :-o

So, while returnin, i took the seat beside the window..

justifications for posting this pic of a guy, who was sittin on the seat in front of me.

  • His reflection on the seemingly purple tinted window turned out to be much better than i thought it wud be...:-)
  • I really don't know this person,
  • there is a only a slight chance that i may come across him, again ever in my life n if we do, we won't recognize each other
  • we didn't talk
  • coz his face isn't clear at all,
  • i don't believe he would come across this blog ever..!! :-P
  • i want to be photographed like that..
  • the privacy and other hesitations i had (some of which are still there.!) are taken care of, in my mind
  • i wish i'd be appreciated for my work...!!!!!!:-D


no further justifications.... :-P

So, when the bus was crossing the river, i had my cell ready to take flicks.. two of which i'm posting here....

thinkin of gettin down on foot and takin some more better pics of the location.. many photography opportunities there!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Towards Twilight, Thoughtfully

A mini vacation of 11 days, for the biggest festival here, had begun the day i took these pics ie, 24th sept. Spent the day shoppin a bit n doin nothing much.

Saw an interesting formation of the clouds..

not that satisfied
with how it came out though..

Went to the tea garden alone, coz frnd had gone his hometown.

Repetative pics are boring me.. need to get out soon..

This photo actually wasn't supposed to have the birds.. juz my
luck was good enough that just when i was about to take the pic, they
decided to fly back to their home..


Thursday, September 10, 2009

beautiful 17th august

I don't remember anything significant happenin at school on 17th
August (probably from now on i shud blog when things happen. but
wait,, twitter's there for it ..?!!).
So after the day at school, me and
my friend as usual (it was
usual then) went to the tea-garden.

First pic is in the path from the entrance to the factory. This time,
we decided to take a road less travelled by us (literally). He asked
me if i knew the detour, and i replied that i did come by myself once
to know the way.
Little did i know that we would encounter with such amazin a scenery!

Pic 2 is after we took the other road.

Pic 3 is the lonely tree. Didn't come out that good, coz my frnd was
drivin my cycle n i had to photograph while sittin behind!! But, it's
not at all difficult.

Pic 4 : see for yourself.

Pics 5 and 6 were taken after my friend took some photos of me on a road.

Pic 7 is in between a crazy photo session of me and my frnd and some ft. both of us, with a major role played by the sun. Wish i cud publish those ROFL pics, but i don't upload *my* photos.

Havin got ourselves photographed, we sat down on some clean grass, and i took

pic 8. It is one of the very few nature photos i took in portrait mode.

Pic nin9 was taken while we were returnin. we returned in the road we usually take.

Lesson: we completed a circle.!! ;)

And u can check out the other pics of that day here:

will need to update the link later


everything was lookin so fantastic that i wish i was there with my
girl at that point of time.. but then, probably i wouldn't hav been
able to take that many photos...