Thursday, September 10, 2009

beautiful 17th august

I don't remember anything significant happenin at school on 17th
August (probably from now on i shud blog when things happen. but
wait,, twitter's there for it ..?!!).
So after the day at school, me and
my friend as usual (it was
usual then) went to the tea-garden.

First pic is in the path from the entrance to the factory. This time,
we decided to take a road less travelled by us (literally). He asked
me if i knew the detour, and i replied that i did come by myself once
to know the way.
Little did i know that we would encounter with such amazin a scenery!

Pic 2 is after we took the other road.

Pic 3 is the lonely tree. Didn't come out that good, coz my frnd was
drivin my cycle n i had to photograph while sittin behind!! But, it's
not at all difficult.

Pic 4 : see for yourself.

Pics 5 and 6 were taken after my friend took some photos of me on a road.

Pic 7 is in between a crazy photo session of me and my frnd and some ft. both of us, with a major role played by the sun. Wish i cud publish those ROFL pics, but i don't upload *my* photos.

Havin got ourselves photographed, we sat down on some clean grass, and i took

pic 8. It is one of the very few nature photos i took in portrait mode.

Pic nin9 was taken while we were returnin. we returned in the road we usually take.

Lesson: we completed a circle.!! ;)

And u can check out the other pics of that day here:

will need to update the link later


everything was lookin so fantastic that i wish i was there with my
girl at that point of time.. but then, probably i wouldn't hav been
able to take that many photos...