Monday, September 28, 2009

C0ol Tecнпiк!!!!

I discovered a technique to make ur photos look more cooler....

see for urslf

It's very simple to do... u must hav heard of image editing softwares or websites (if u havn't, don't spoil my blog by readin any further???!!).
  • Just open/upload the photo u wanna edit,
  • then choose 'resize'
  • keep the width same, but change the height to the half of width. eg. my photo was originally 640x480, when i resized, i kept the width 640 the same, but changed 480 to 320 {ie, 640/2}.
  • voila!! u wud agree the photo looks so much cooler, as if taken by a WIDE camera!!
  • just a thing: ONLY POSSIBLE on photos of LANDSCAPE orientation, NOT portrait...!!
ı пεεd мøяεεε øf ця çøммεптs.. .!!!!

also, don't hesitate to share!!

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