Tuesday, September 29, 2009

nonrandom september pics

These are some chosen photos taken this september, but was not published earlier. These were really standing out amongst others in my camera album folder, so i decided to choose the better ones, n compile them in one post.

Took this photo in the afternoon of 8th sept. The white circular form seems to add grace to this simplistic photo.

A wierd photo indeed. This was something i hadn't done before. To take this photo of a turn in the highway, not only did i had to wait for a moment when there were no vehicles on the road, but also look out for some groups of people. I had to reverse my phone, so that the lens were the closest to the ground... explains the date tag on the top-left hand corner, instead of the usual bottom-right hand. Interesting experience takin the pic!! ^__^

Barbed wires forming a silhouette. Taken on 23rd, this photo was almost goin to be lost in my folder, as i didn't even remember taking this photo!!

How's the concept of this 3-in-1 post??


Prajakta Mali said...

the sun behind the leaves..the highway turn n the barbed wires..all lookin good..keep snappin more.. :) tc

ghrency said...

You really have what it takes to be a photographer..

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