Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September's ending, who's gonna wake me up???

September's coming to an end. i think i really need to 'wake up' and concentrate on things more important in my life, and which are goin to be important for me. This is one of the most affective academic yrs for me, being the last yr of school.. Somehow i havn't realised that, (one reason why I'm writin this blog, when what i shud be doin right now is studyin!). I feel, someone needs to wake me up when september ends.. (some forgettable personal memories on song too!). And i need to take life in a more serious manner....

whAt!! such a serious blog, with no explanation on the photograph???
widened to give the edge, this photo signifies that i'm stuck behind something, and the september sun is setting, will it be too late to wake up tomorrow???

1 comment:

Prajakta Mali said...

nice pic!!! n cmmon Wake up now!! or it vl b too late..best wishes :)