Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday On 26th Sept, i took all the pics of this post while in a bus.. so, quality not quite upto the mark.... :(

the date n time marker is there in the pics, so u can see how much time i spent in goin n comin back..!! :-S

this pic
was taken with much difficulty, coz i wasn't sittin beside the window....!! :-o

So, while returnin, i took the seat beside the window..

justifications for posting this pic of a guy, who was sittin on the seat in front of me.

  • His reflection on the seemingly purple tinted window turned out to be much better than i thought it wud be...:-)
  • I really don't know this person,
  • there is a only a slight chance that i may come across him, again ever in my life n if we do, we won't recognize each other
  • we didn't talk
  • coz his face isn't clear at all,
  • i don't believe he would come across this blog ever..!! :-P
  • i want to be photographed like that..
  • the privacy and other hesitations i had (some of which are still there.!) are taken care of, in my mind
  • i wish i'd be appreciated for my work...!!!!!!:-D


no further justifications.... :-P

So, when the bus was crossing the river, i had my cell ready to take flicks.. two of which i'm posting here....

thinkin of gettin down on foot and takin some more better pics of the location.. many photography opportunities there!!

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