Monday, June 21, 2010

train travel : back 2 home

::post 3/3::

it is almost a regularity for me to take the return journey alone. this was no exception..

train travel : back 2 home (1)
train travel : back 2 home (2)
a rendezvous??

dont want to go into the details of it.. [wtf! do i go into the details of anything even once? :P] but this return journey made one thing clear for me - i am just getting started!!!


PhotographyIsLife said...

In response to your comment from your other post, you're right, Lee got lucky. His blog is amazing though. Again, I like these pictures :) It's cool how you got the curve of the train. As far as "my websites" do I fix that? Haha

Dan said...

gettin a blog of note doesnt require luck. i've been observing the recent B.o.N s and i think i hav found something. Lee's is an amazing blog, and he is a gr8 person too (from whatever i know of him thru tweets).
As far ur problem, just go to Blogger dashboard and click on edit profile..

why didn't u email me back? [havin discussions on blog post comments isn't exactly in my nature.. join me on twitter...

Oh and thanks btw!

sudhendu said...

Your photographs are really splendid. I find you have embedded your photos on your blog. I am writing a blog on Sundarbans necessarily with photographs. Unfortunately I can not paste the photographs on my blogger article. What is the technique / Can you tell me.

sudhendu said...

Incidentally, I forgot to give you my e-mail. This is

Dan said...

@subhendu sorry my photos are not available for posting anywhere else. and this is not related to sunderbans..