Wednesday, July 21, 2010

city of delusions? (first 13 days)

title credit : song by Muse.

here are some photos from my first 13 days in kolkata (calcutta).

There ARE things like "These street will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you" (Empire State of Mind song); but i've remained largely reclusive......

flags still there..
flags still there..
Even aft #BRA and #ARG were long out of the
#worldcup , their countries' flags are still not
taken down. Most of the city's ppl are either a
supporter of these two teams..
Btw, i was supporting #GER !

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

"i want to be on ur blog too!"

"i want to be on ur blog too!"
just a spontaneous random photo taken in the
neighbourhood where i've shifted to.. i was
planning on posting much better photos, but an
emergency situation has come up that needs
control.. and this pic seems to be the best to
accompany the blog post.

Like this very intruiged cat, some other things also want to be on this blog, but purely only for their monetary benefits.

For commenting on this blog, u hav to first solve the captcha, only then can u post.. So u hav to be a person.. This cuts down very much on bot-generated spam, but what abt spam from REAL people?

Today, three comment writers.. TG , ghrency and chum hav been continuously posting comments on each and every of my Blog posts..incl some of the very first posts..
Now who in their proper mind and life wud do that?

The reason those REAL ppl are commenting is because they are being paid to do so. They insert a link at the end of each comment they make. Now most ppl (incl me) link to their blog or site, but the links they post may be harmful for ur computer, because they are nothing but spam!!

Look at my post evening hues for example.. U can see those half-spam comments..

Now i can either change settings so that each comment has to pass thru my moderation, or delete those numerous comments..
But i dont want to be that restrictive, neither do i hav much time..
So i am strongly suggesting u

to not click on suspicious links..

i didnt want to post this at all, but circumstances change.. i hav a massive amt of work to do related to this blog-- reply to comments, and keep my promise of visiting ur blogs.. my time is spent on this when i cud hav been doing atleast that ...


Found a solution to my problem -
now comments on posts older than 7 days will
hav to pass thru my moderation. And will start deleting spam comments too.
Sorry for the trouble to real people who comment.. but i can see only this way out..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


this is an appreciative post.. to Blogger for the Blog of Note... and for all the comments and followership generated after that...

when i first started blogging, i had no idea what i was supposed to do. This blog had a stupid blog title, a funny url, and a template that was more a blank sheet..

There hav been posts which i think of now as nothing but laughable.. Call it impulsiveness of a newbie.., or being clueless...
Gradually, along w/ me, the posts too became more mature, and i had a specific idea what this blog was to be.. i only uploaded photos which could cut a certain quality-barrier..
And remain [un]interesting too.. :P

I will maintain the standards that i've set for myself, even if that means not taking photos or posting..
I will upload older photos if this city doesn't provide me with photos good enough for this blog..

I really appreciate all those who took their time to see what this Uninteresting Blog was about, and further to those deciding to stay updated by following the blog, but the ones who needed to be thanked the most are those who typed in those awesome comments..
I will visit each of ur profiles and blogs, but it will take some time.. bear with me.. :)

PS- my Blogger profile picture needs to be changed.. (i'm single right now) ;)
мy twitter (@dan_spix)
мy flickr photostream

And how can i not acknowledge ppl who had been appreciating my blog before it got this shot at fame?
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

when i left that town...

i'm leaving... on a train.. ;)

i'm leaving... on a train.. ;)
can i take something with me....?
a memory imbedded in a photo perhaps?
coz u know, i'm leaving this small town...
when i uploaded this, i had already shifted to
Calcutta / Kolkata .. but thot that the descript wud
be better if it puts fwd thots of the moment of
taking the photo..

Monday, July 5, 2010

i just wanted to hold u in my arms

i just wanted to hold u in my arms (1)
i just wanted to hold u in my arms (2)

supermassive crepuscular-ity

supermassive crepuscular-ity (1)
supermassive crepuscular-ity (2)

i just l♥ve how the second pic turned out to be... but here's the funny part-- since my phone's display was broken, i had no idea what i had shot... and when i saw, i was taken by shock and sweet surprise.. :)

P.S.- u must be wondering what the title means?! O_o ?

here's the page for crepuscular.

cloud formations.... again

u must be exhausted seeing all sorts of cloud formations on this blog. here's more to add to the agony. :P :D

cloud formations.... again (1)

cloud formations.... again (2)
cloud formations.... again (3)

Evening hues

evening hues (1)
evening hues (2)
it was a very late evening photoshoot indeed

crop field


misc photoz

take it back b4 it all went wrong

they say bad things happen for a reason

dull reflections
dull reflections

station-ary reflections

station-ary reflections
(at a train station)