Wednesday, July 21, 2010

city of delusions? (first 13 days)

title credit : song by Muse.

here are some photos from my first 13 days in kolkata (calcutta).

There ARE things like "These street will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you" (Empire State of Mind song); but i've remained largely reclusive......

flags still there..
flags still there..
Even aft #BRA and #ARG were long out of the
#worldcup , their countries' flags are still not
taken down. Most of the city's ppl are either a
supporter of these two teams..
Btw, i was supporting #GER !

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what do u see?
what do u see?
i see that the flowers are beautiful, and that i dont
hav an access to a roof in this city.
what do u see?

glow after the rain
glow after rain

urban structures may be reflective
clear skys are an obvious rarity
clear skies are an obvious rarity

in the making
ridiculously blocked view

blinded by the light?
blinded by the light!

just wishing for a better life..


AmandaMagick said...

love this photo!

vini said...

Brazil and Argentina have been the favourite teams in this place for a long time.. Other than our cric team..
I love the sunlight pic.. kinda lightens the whole view.. Good click. :-)

Btw.. i support #ESP.. :-)

Nightstar_ said...

I love your photography. Absolutely beautiful. Of course you've probably heard THAT before. Just another uninteresting comment on another "uninteresting" blog

Lunar Eclipse said...

I really like that photo.

Huỳnh Nhân said...

It's so lovely!!! said...

I like this town. The trees are so green

Kath. said...

wonderful pics!!
my fav is the 4th (from the bottom)
you really can handle the sunlight :D

Coloradocasters said...

Very nice photography that captures the “village” atmosphere. One of the things I appreciate about your blog is the time you spend on the pictures. If you get bored, feel free to check out the extensive nature photography of my Colorado fishing blog.

Clara e Flávia said...

we love this blog!

PhotographyIsLife said...

I love the last image. The sun looks huge.

labrown said...

Loved these photos! The ones with the powerlines is my favorite!

Brian said...

love the photos

pochku16 said...

those were good pics.....

please also join my blog and

if you do than that will be cool but if no,then i will understand.....

amfipolos said...

your photography style is so special, absolutely wonderful! it's the way you see things.. or right through them. congratulations!

Amanda McFaline said...

Great photos!!!

nevergiveup said...

Really great photo kind of makes me feel like I'm right there. Thank you for sharing.

noo-ddd said...

I love your photography,Thank you.

noktour said...

About your blog is the time you spend on the pictures.

Sabrina Leigh said...

the last photo is stunning

LuLu said...

wow really good photo shots i love the sunlight where was that??

mika said...

hi,your blog and photos are so nice
you can visit me at:

French Bean & Coffee Bean said...

I love that song! and this photo is very nice ^^

-Coffee Bean

Alex said...
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Alex [SFNR] said...

Hey, I like your blog. You've got a nice assortment of some good photos. And it never gets boring!

twinkle said...

love the glow after the rain..=)

Red Nomad OZ said...

I see a city that is beautiful But is it actually beautiful? Or beautiful because you've shown it to be beautiful??

J Bar said...

Interesting post.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

alp said...

Hey loved your Photographs......
You have shown the REAL KOLKATA

Dan said...

@AmandaMagick thank yu.

@vini :)

@Nightstar_ lol. good sarcasm there!

@Lunar Eclipse which one?

@Huỳnh Nhân thanks, man it's a metropolitian city, and it's a concrete jungle..

@Kath. thanks for that.. glad u liked it.. :)

@Coloradocasters i dont understand what u mean by " 'village' atmosphere " ..?!?

@Clara e Flávia thank yu for all ur love!

@PhotographyIsLife kristen?! ya sometimes i get photos like that..

@labrown i cant give all details of it here, so u must hav checked the flickr page by clicking on the photo?:P

@Brian thanks.

@pochku16 .

@amfipolos nice appreciation.. :) and thanks a lott for the flickr favs

@Amanda McFaline thankxx

@nevergiveup it isn't even 3D, lol :P

@noo-ddd u're welcome.

@noktour i failed to make sense of ur comment. care to explain?

@Sabrina Leigh everyone seems to be liking that one!

@LuLu all the photos in this particular post was taken in the city of Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta, still being used in many places) in India

@mika thank yu!

@French Bean & Coffee Bean thanks Coffee Bean

@Alex [SFNR] that is because i choose better photos only.. :)

@twinkle thanks!

@Red Nomad OZ such an awesome comment is really undeserved. The city is very old and cluttered. I dont do poverty pictures, nor do i take photos of human life, just here-and-there. And keep an eye out for my next post, which too hav photos of the city.

@J Bar :D

@alp more coming ur way.. btw, thanks! And aren't u following my blog? i dont see it on ur profile!!?!