Monday, July 5, 2010

Evening hues

evening hues (1)
evening hues (2)
it was a very late evening photoshoot indeed


linda said...

Hi! WOW! OMG! Unreal, their beautiful... I do photography myself, and have some beautiful pixz! Thankxz!

twinkle said...


Leeloo66 said...

It looks to me a bit unreal. Nature going to sleep but without a joy or hurry. Red shadows in the sky look tantalising, though.

Universal Trooper said...

very nice

~uRna~ said...

i just LOVE clouds and wanted to say i think this pics are great! :)

Girl With A Smile said...

this picture is gorgeous. where was it taken?

Jane said...

I love these photos, and I do not think your blog is uninteresting:) Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

ladiabla007 said...

the second one is super cool. I really like the reflection on the water.

Dan said...

@linda thanks and will make time u visit ur blog/flickr, provided u give me the link! :p

@twinkle thanx! :)

@Leeloo66 love ur comment!! <3

@Universal Trooper thanks..

@~uRna~ thanxx .. and clouds can lead to many dramatic photos..

@Girl With A Smile soon i'll try to geotag my pics on flickr, and then announce it here.. give it a week or so..

@Jane thank u! and neither do i think my photos are uninteresting.. it's more like [un]interesting.. right? :D

@ladiabla007 glad that u like it..

I haven't had the time to visit anyone's blogger profile or blogs, but soon i will.
plz be patient.

manikchand said...

The last one is really good, might as well be a watercolour!

Do keep it up

Ferals Passage said...

Love the pics.

Dan said...

@manikchand watercolor.. hmm :D hehe.. i shall definitely try., but i cant create mirages in this city... (to where i've shifted)

@Ferals Passage I'm glad!


Iwish I could take pics like that i love sunsets thanks