Tuesday, July 13, 2010


this is an appreciative post.. to Blogger for the Blog of Note... and for all the comments and followership generated after that...

when i first started blogging, i had no idea what i was supposed to do. This blog had a stupid blog title, a funny url, and a template that was more a blank sheet..

There hav been posts which i think of now as nothing but laughable.. Call it impulsiveness of a newbie.., or being clueless...
Gradually, along w/ me, the posts too became more mature, and i had a specific idea what this blog was to be.. i only uploaded photos which could cut a certain quality-barrier..
And remain [un]interesting too.. :P

I will maintain the standards that i've set for myself, even if that means not taking photos or posting..
I will upload older photos if this city doesn't provide me with photos good enough for this blog..

I really appreciate all those who took their time to see what this Uninteresting Blog was about, and further to those deciding to stay updated by following the blog, but the ones who needed to be thanked the most are those who typed in those awesome comments..
I will visit each of ur profiles and blogs, but it will take some time.. bear with me.. :)

PS- my Blogger profile picture needs to be changed.. (i'm single right now) ;)
мy twitter (@dan_spix)
мy flickr photostream

And how can i not acknowledge ppl who had been appreciating my blog before it got this shot at fame?
Here are blogs u shud give a visit..

blogs by real-life frnds:

blogs by internet acquaintances:
Jus d simple me!
Just Flaunt It
Just Shoot Me
Photographing the Days

blogs related to photography i follow, but doesnt come under d above two classifications
Oliver Fluck
Photography Blog
Soaring Through the World in Pictures
The images I see..


Sunnyblogs said...

Okay Well Your blogs catch my attention So much!
&& Your Photography I Just Absolutely Love It! =D I'm In To Photography Myself. But im currently cameraless (; I Am New To this And i am clueless on wut i have and suppose to be doing on this haha So If You Care to help (: Please && Thnk You!


M.S. Advice said...

Hey! YOu have a very cool, interesting blog! I just started blogging, how do you become blog of note? Could you give me a shout out on your next post so people will visit my blog as well ?? :) thanks!

Jennifer Scavone said...

nice blog. visit mine and follow if you wish


yaya said...

Congrats on being a blog of note! It's fun to see how different all the blogs are...you can tell generations by what and how they write..this blog just made me smile the whole time....maybe because I'm old and senile or maybe because it's cute..anywho, good job! I like your photography too.

Kaiserin Sisi said...

I just felt like checking out the Blog of Note list today and I clicked your link out of curiosity! And I wasn't disappointed... I enjoyed the pictures!
C O N G R A T S !

vini said...

your blog is pretty cool.. makes me visit everytime for new posts..
just a suggestion.. your W580i is one of the main reasons for this blog to reach a good position.. Dont u think you should post a pic of that?? :-)
Wonder how would you do that.. ;)

MissyMelody said...

WOW your photo shots are AMAZING! I'm an art student myself and am starting to do a bit of photography for classes. Your blogs do inspire me =] and I just want to say, Hello, nice to meet you.
Might I ask you to be the first to give me advice on my first blog? Like about the contents I wrote. I need a guy's point of view too.

Serge said...

Contrary to your header title, I found this blog quite interesting. The photographs here are very well done. I'd love to hear your take on mine: http://theacademik.blogspot.com/

Anna said...

Today's politics and pop culture from a young liberal's perspective! I follow back=) -love your blog btw

Dan said...

@Sunnyblogs thanx... and tweet me abt what u need to know.. I'll try to help

@M.S. Advice thank you, and I'm not really sure abt a shout-out... u understand the problems..?

@Jennifer Scavone thanxx, and I'm really piled up w/ so many Blogger profiles and Blogs to visit.. i'll when i get the time.. dont mind ok?

@yaya good to see a lot of different reactions.. :)

@Kaiserin Sisi curiosity arousal was the foremost reason for keeping this blog title.. :D thxx

@vini suggestion noted, and working upon "logistics"...

@MissMelody sure.. will be delighted to help you..

@Serge :D

@Anna thx..

Kiersten said...

Hey, cool blog :) I like your photography.
If you get a chance, come check my blog out.
It's new, but it's photog. and writing,so we've got at least one facet in common.


Buffy said...

To an oldtime photographer, pretty soon you'll get tired of taking the same ol', same ol' photos of sunsets, flowers, train tracks, animals, birds and reptiles. I'm going to venture into Graphic Arts. Keep it in mind when you get tired of doing what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

cool blog but I'm gonna be better then u

Josan said...

I don't know how you did it man but somehow you managed to get a lot of followers. Good job man! Your blog inspires me to keep going. :)

Black Phoenix said...

Hey congrats on your Blog of Note! My blog is about photography as well (partially), so it's nice seeing someone else talking about it. Have a great day!

noktour said...

Interesting blog! and I like this blog.

Technogran said...

Nice blog. I am currently doing some how-to's about how to use both blogger and also Wordpress. I will probably follow those up with some blogging tips aimed at newbie's to blogging.

jen said...

i found your blog at blogger's note and what caught my ineterest to read your blog? hmmm its the header of your page " Just another UNINTERESTING blog"
Well..its not UNinteresting one coz you caught my attention :)
keep on blogging

ME AND ONLY ME said...

hey i love the title of your blog, but i guess i am where you were when you started, i am not sure what to do with a blog, but to be honest i like doing it, i am basically writing whatever comes to mind when it does. if you could give me a tip on organizing the blog, that would be great.

Tell It Like It Is said...

I just started reading your blog and I really like it. I am new to this whole thing and could use some tips. so check out my blog any amount of help would be great. Thanks .... Oh love the photos

Lavishka said...

Hi. I was just checking out the Blogs of Note and your name, well, kinda stood out. So I decided to see what it was all about....and I was like WOW. I blog too, you know, but I gave in the middle... I so identify with the newbie confusion you spoke of...Congrats, man, and keep writing.

Dan said...

@Kiersten who knows, we might find more common interests.. :)

@Buffy i had written a long reply to ur comment, but my system crashed and all was lost.. still, in brief,-- i had taken photos from every possible photogenic spot in my hometown, and was practically bored.. and now here in calcutta, i can say i'm missing nature..

@anitalianlifestyle sure.. anyone who has potential can be so much better!

@Josan before this Blog of Note, i hardly had 10 regular followers... but still i had continued to make over 50 posts...

@Black Phoenix sure... the links i posted are filled with photography..

@noktour but i dont hav a fb Like button plugin.. lol jk..!! thanks! :P

@Technogran nice.. provide spam-control techniques too ..

@jen well, the ability to draw attention was the reason i kept the blog name.. :) read the page how [un]interesting this blog is

@ME AND ONLY ME wud be happy to help when i hav the time.. Keep blogging till then..!

@Tell It Like It Is same thing for u too.. i'll help when i hav time..

@Lavishka thanx yaar!

Number12 said...


Rúben B. - Sara S. said...

Really nice! Congratulations with the winning in Blogs of Note!

Check out http://connup.com and join if you wish :)

I hope you like COnnect Up! too xD

Maddy said...

Well, your blog looks too good and if you wish do follow me: http://maddyplugs.blogspot.com/

VictoriousLiving said...

I love the idea of a blog for your photos! I'll have to tell my girl about your blog, as she's just taken to the world of photography herself .... it is lovely to see people's view of the world thru the lens of the camera! Thank you.


A day in the life of Ella! said...

I've just started blogging and i'm only 12 years old! I really love your photography

Dan said...

@Number12 thx

@Rúben B. - Sara S. Thanks and after visiting ur blog, maybe i will..!

@Maddy i may....

@VictoriousLiving what did she say?

@A day in the life of Ella! that's nice, sis..