Saturday, July 17, 2010

"i want to be on ur blog too!"

"i want to be on ur blog too!"
just a spontaneous random photo taken in the
neighbourhood where i've shifted to.. i was
planning on posting much better photos, but an
emergency situation has come up that needs
control.. and this pic seems to be the best to
accompany the blog post.

Like this very intruiged cat, some other things also want to be on this blog, but purely only for their monetary benefits.

For commenting on this blog, u hav to first solve the captcha, only then can u post.. So u hav to be a person.. This cuts down very much on bot-generated spam, but what abt spam from REAL people?

Today, three comment writers.. TG , ghrency and chum hav been continuously posting comments on each and every of my Blog posts..incl some of the very first posts..
Now who in their proper mind and life wud do that?

The reason those REAL ppl are commenting is because they are being paid to do so. They insert a link at the end of each comment they make. Now most ppl (incl me) link to their blog or site, but the links they post may be harmful for ur computer, because they are nothing but spam!!

Look at my post evening hues for example.. U can see those half-spam comments..

Now i can either change settings so that each comment has to pass thru my moderation, or delete those numerous comments..
But i dont want to be that restrictive, neither do i hav much time..
So i am strongly suggesting u

to not click on suspicious links..

i didnt want to post this at all, but circumstances change.. i hav a massive amt of work to do related to this blog-- reply to comments, and keep my promise of visiting ur blogs.. my time is spent on this when i cud hav been doing atleast that ...


Found a solution to my problem -
now comments on posts older than 7 days will
hav to pass thru my moderation. And will start deleting spam comments too.
Sorry for the trouble to real people who comment.. but i can see only this way out..


Satia said...

You can also report them as spam. I delete all spam comments (to protect my readers) but first I go to the person's profile page, click on their blog (typically nothing I can read because it is in Chinese) and then I click on the link at the top of the blog saying "Report Abuse." This takes you to a page where you can check "Spam" then click to the next page where you have to click one more time.

It sounds like a lot of effort but if more people report these people to the powers that be, the fewer of them everyone else will have to deal with.

And it only takes a couple of minutes. Not even that, really, but my computer can sometimes be slow. Odds are it would only take you a few seconds.

Anyway, that's the way I deal with it. Unfortunately, I get more spam comments than do reader comments but I am optimistic that the ratio will shift someday.

abbytrewinn said...

hey, i really like your blogs. i dont think that are uninteresting! like you said the spam is really bad but i also think that they have viruses too dont they sometimes?? well anyways im sort of new to this so i was hoping if you wouldnt mind, checking my first blog out.

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Being a blogging newbie (only 2 months), I appreciate these tips. Thanks for sharing.

manjunath said...

hai, i just sterted my blog today . and i visited your blog first.anyway nice .is that a dog or a cat.. i cant figure it?

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I went to your link and yes, I can see it... another one I am not too crazy about is when a blogger comes to your page and begs to be added and if u don't add them, they come back repeatedly..

Life with Kaishon said...

Congratulations on being a Blog of Note! How very, very exciting! : ) Excited to meet you!

Immydog said...

I moderate the comments on my blog as well. Seems the best way to protect others. Good choice.

Alexanthia said...

that iz good to know...anywho, I am starting a blog, it will really kick off Aug. 22, but I am hoping to get some followers in the mean time, so... you don't have to (of course) but I would appreciate it, thx!!!

Lavishka said...

Spamming, also called trolling, is a real menace to most bloggers, you know. Yours is a blog of note, so I guess the going's bad for you, but it could be much, much worse. Especially if it had stuff like news stories. Thanks for the tip on filtering, it may come in handy for me someday.
Oh, and by the way, do you actually take thetrouble to read all the comments you get?

Dan said...

@Satia thanx, but one spammer had their profile not available to others, one didnt hav a blog of themselves, and one had more than one blog..
Anyways, i went to the settings and found one which i had long ignored.. if i had that setting in place from earlier on, this blog wudnt be spammed this much..

@abbytrewinn ya i sure wud, when i get time.. ya some spam link hav viruses, while others advertise a product..

@Brooklyn Book Lover these aren't exactly tips, just writing what i'm facing.. For tips and tutorials check out ,-the tutorials tab-, a site managed by a internet acquaintance..

@manjunath READ THE POST , u fool!![avoiding posting stronger terms]
Get ur eyes checked too..

@Kalei's Best Friend not had the situation till now..

@Life with Kaishon thanks..

@Immydog ya figured out it was the best option..

@Alexanthia wats on aug 22? ur b'day ? or something i'd hav to wait and see?

@Lavishka why wudnt i? everyone takes the time to type in the comments, type the captcha.. Aft all that if i dont communicate,...? i dont think there is any room for improvement if one doesn't listen..

PhotographyIsLife said...

Love this picture. So cute! :) I'm glad none of these spammers have found my blog yet, I'd be pretty annoyed as well.

Sam said...

Wow, sounds like a solid plan

Linda Jo said...

really enjoying you the photography!! Just started my new blog last month but think I have become addicted. I have done this a few times but I am working on starting writing a book and needed to get my mind in the zone...Would love any tips on getting readers to you blog. Congrats on being a blog of note! Would love any advice on my blog if you get a minute.

Jonah said...
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ShawnieBaybee said...

love the photography of this blog! i must say the cat is my favorite! :)

Gotham said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gotham said...

awww - she is a cute little catty - i have cats too - 6 if i count the mothers and kids and i love them, i love everything to do with cats

pasha paras said...

Is this cat blind? or hungry?

Ur Angel said...

The photo makes sense :)

birgita said...

nice picture :)

Kath. said...

i like this pic 'cause it's soo real!!

it's not what we're dreaming of, when we're lookin at the sky.

it's just what we (don't) see in front of us...

by the way... i like your blog. not that uninteresting :P

lacochran's evil twin said...

Spammmers suck. I delete them. One at a time. And I turn word verification on. People will make the effort if they have something to say.

bello gbolahan said...

is the caT TRYING TO JUMP?

yoji said...

looks like not in the US...

The Flying Spaghetti Blogger said...

Hey, I have some photography questions and I am looking for some good advice. Can you help me at all?

ChrissyLuv77 said...

hi thanks for the tip.. im new to very plz join me on my blog Making the Best of Life thank u :)

Coloradocasters said...

I checked out your blog when it was posted on blogs of note. Who selects these by the way? Spam and trollers are a problem with blogging and the internet in general. At least there are a few approval\reject options on blogspot.

For the record I am a serious blogging nut!

Faisal Ahmed said...

hey got to know a new thing today....SPAMMERS do exist in this world!!!

Hunter said...

I only blogger had an automatic spam filter like my e-mail. Your blogs very interesting, I'll definitley consider following it. Did you know you can make money off your blog? Visit to learn how! It's not like other blogs where people rant about their life.

Bizness Man said...

Thank You for your information. Its very helpful as I have recently created my blog and would have been unaware of this phenomenon

Edmund said...

OK. You'r on my Blog too

Dan said...

@PhotographyIsLife just wait till u become a Blog of Note , kristen! :D

@Sam rock solid! the spammers had to go looking for other places to spam!

@Linda Jo i do want to, but need time..

@ShawnieBaybee thanks !!

@Gotham that's nice :)

@pasha paras it is not blind, cant say anything abt hunger.

@Ur Angel :D thx

@birgita :)

@Kath. well said.!

@lacochran's evil twin good! nice way to keep them at bay

@bello gbolahan i dont think so. it is a pet and is just looking at me on the street.. :P

@yoji it is not in the US.. Calcutta, India

@The Flying Spaghetti Blogger i'm not a professional, i can just say it's nice and that doesnt look appealing

@ChrissyLuv77 if i find it cool, sure i will

@Coloradocasters some blogger guys selects the Blog of Note manually

@Faisal Ahmed was that sarcastic ?!

@Hunter nice suggestion abt the auto-filter ..

@Bizness Man welcome!!

@Edmund haha

Tell It Like It Is said...

I really like your blog.. Could you look at mine and maybe give me some tips on how to make it better.