Monday, July 5, 2010

supermassive crepuscular-ity

supermassive crepuscular-ity (1)
supermassive crepuscular-ity (2)

i just l♥ve how the second pic turned out to be... but here's the funny part-- since my phone's display was broken, i had no idea what i had shot... and when i saw, i was taken by shock and sweet surprise.. :)

P.S.- u must be wondering what the title means?! O_o ?

here's the page for crepuscular.


iUnderEye said...

This image is really nice and the fact that it was taken by accident only enhances it's appeal!

Dan said...

@iUnderEye thanks, man

Jen said...

Incredible Dan. Amazing how the sky changes all the time and the photos we can take can be spectacular by accident (just like yours). Thank you for sharing,
Jen from Australia!

Dan said...

@jen thank you a lot, and the blog Soaring thru the world in pictures has a very interesting concept.

Amitava said...

I am not computer savvy. I am unsure if I am writing my response to the photographer. The ads on the sidebar and everywhere confuses me. If you are someone else, ignore my comment. If you are the photographer, please read on.

In my younger days I could see photographic magazines with grandest kind of photos that transfixed me beyond all words. But such photographic classics faded away. After some forty years I came across photographs that stirred up the same transfixity in me. I refrain from speaking of your skill, as I find my known words are lower than the transfixity that your classic photographs effect in me.

I have a plan to make people turn towards Nature so that we may realize the Green Life sooner. People speak more of Green but they do more Black as they fail to realize the purity and beauty of Green. I have started creating my blog for this purpose, that starts with a philosophical base of life. This approach will greatly ease understanding of Nature. I invite you to visit my little effort and like to have your comment. Note that my blog is unfinished, I am regularly working on it. I suppose I shall need about three months to complete this project.

Would you permit me to embed your link (I suppose it is called URL) in my blog so that people may have ready reference to virgin Nature as beautifully captured by you? If "yes" then please give me the complete URL (or whatever it is called) address.

thank you in advance


Amitava said...

I suppose I have got your name right after some search--Dan Demon and your address appears in the box (do not know what it is called) in my blog page. The address is

But I need your permission as before.



Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Congrats on Blog of Note. Follow me and I will return the favor.

Anonymous said...

Cool Photos!

Dan said...

@Amitava sorry. I'm not interested.

@kara thanks. i'll check out ur blog soon.

@Mia thank yu!

angel Girl said...

the pics were very cool and it shows the beauty of nature

feathermar said...

Beautiful. I love how the trees become just silhouettes.

manjunath said...

can u check my blog... i wish somebody sees it

Sabrina Leigh said...

these are absolutely breath taking! Amazing you had no idea what it turned out to be!

Sabrina Leigh

Nelgin said...

Yeah they're right..that were nice pics...I just dropping by here...I'm new here pls help me to be known to others..thank you