Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gorgeous Gulma

i had earlier said that i would make two posts regarding my short trip back home, but putting 16 500px widthed pics in one blog post was simply outrageous!!

So here are 6 photos, and the rest 10 would be in the next post...

the train journey in the route of NJP to Alipurduar has been taken many times by me, but it was only this time that i came to know of this gorgeous place called Gulma. Gulma is an abandoned station in the core area of Mahananda Sanctuary, and it comes before the Sevoke bridge. The only other useable info are this wikipedia article and this news item.

travel info will be on next post.

my train had stopped for sometime in that abandoned station, to allow a train coming from the other direction to pass by. like it says in the news article, many forests fall in this train route, and thus only a single tracked railway has been made through the forests.
this stop presented me with one of the most picturesque landscapes i've ever come across!

Gorgeous Gulma 01
the foothills of himalayas..

Gorgeous Gulma 02

this water body is on the right side of the train, and the whole landscape is very dreamy and like a painting...

Gorgeous Gulma 03

Gorgeous Gulma 04

this is the only photo i hav of this part of the village.. i dont know why i didn't take any other.. probably one where both the water body and the tree were visible.. but this too, has a painting like imagery, with the cottage and all..

Gorgeous Gulma 05
a different angle , + animals = DRATW!!

Gorgeous Gulma 06
why the hell not one of the abandoned station itself!

plz share this with your frnds too.. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

marvellous morning

hav patience, this post has only 9 photos to load!

okay, so after a hiatus which shouldn't hav been this long, i'm back. with many photos.

.....So i did this small trip back to my hometown from kolkata / calcutta on 4th-5th of this month; and this i'm sharing through two seperate posts.
This, the first, has some photos of a fantasy-like morning captured from the train. The exact location of these photos can only be guessed, coz unfortunately my w580i doesn't hav geo-tagging..!
this as a set on flickr

marvellous morning -01

marvellous morning -02

marvellous morning -03
at some obscure unknown station, waiting for
another train to cross by, so that the train i was
on can move forward in the single-tracked

marvellous morning -04

marvellous morning -05
not the best thing possible, but i think it's okay..

marvellous morning -06

marvellous morning -07

marvellous morning -08
getting repetitive?!

marvellous morning -09 / breaking clouds
breaking clouds

the best is at the last!
breaking the clouds into pieces,
the sun shines on..

next post? soon!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

previous 2 weeks

photos from 21st july to 4th august in kolkata (calcutta)

sometimes photos are better left untitled
"sometimes photos are better left untitled"

it isn't the most romantic when u dont hav a gf

it isn't the most romantic
when u dont hav a gf
stuck in the rain!

mixture of many elements

mixture of many elements

after the rain: bright sun, wet field, buildings and trees in distance, blue sky.... total mixture!!

this is high!

this is high!

got onto a roof in kolkata for the first time, and this is from the college i go to.

really? in calcutta?

Looks very small-town-ish , but it IS kolkata!

on 4th, i had to come back to my hometown, to get some necessary documents.. took many photos too..

Btw, here's something i wrote abt Inception :