Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gorgeous Gulma

i had earlier said that i would make two posts regarding my short trip back home, but putting 16 500px widthed pics in one blog post was simply outrageous!!

So here are 6 photos, and the rest 10 would be in the next post...

the train journey in the route of NJP to Alipurduar has been taken many times by me, but it was only this time that i came to know of this gorgeous place called Gulma. Gulma is an abandoned station in the core area of Mahananda Sanctuary, and it comes before the Sevoke bridge. The only other useable info are this wikipedia article and this news item.

travel info will be on next post.

my train had stopped for sometime in that abandoned station, to allow a train coming from the other direction to pass by. like it says in the news article, many forests fall in this train route, and thus only a single tracked railway has been made through the forests.
this stop presented me with one of the most picturesque landscapes i've ever come across!

Gorgeous Gulma 01
the foothills of himalayas..

Gorgeous Gulma 02

this water body is on the right side of the train, and the whole landscape is very dreamy and like a painting...

Gorgeous Gulma 03

Gorgeous Gulma 04

this is the only photo i hav of this part of the village.. i dont know why i didn't take any other.. probably one where both the water body and the tree were visible.. but this too, has a painting like imagery, with the cottage and all..

Gorgeous Gulma 05
a different angle , + animals = DRATW!!

Gorgeous Gulma 06
why the hell not one of the abandoned station itself!

plz share this with your frnds too.. :)


Coloradocasters said...

Another amaizng photo post. Really good stuff, man. I like the middle one with one single tree best for some reason. Love the high quality. Thanks for posting!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Love the water reflection crystal clear...

Emma Clark said...

The first picture on this post: stunning. Really really beautiful.


Red Nomad OZ said...

There's something wonderful about the reflections of the sky and clouds in the water - although I'm with Coloradocasters and like the tree one best for no real reason ... Everything's so green & lush - just awesome!

The Crap Blog Detective said...

May I add that this blog is extremely uninteresting?

Dan said...

@Coloradocasters thank you for that.. and the tree photo has a story-book like appeal... apart from what i wrote abt it..

@Kalei's Best Friend ya the whole landscape was like that..

@Emma Clark i dont understand... the first photo appears to me as quite normal and not at all stunning..
*IMP* can u check the spam comments folder of ur photography blog?

@Red Nomad OZ what's more, the distance between the waterbody and the tree isn't much.. it's hard to explain since i didn't take a photo featuring them both..

@The Crap Blog Detective no, u may not. keep ur comments to urself and limit ur deduction to examining ur own faults.
filthy hate-commentators..
anyways, i post a reply to all the comments, and if there's something more that u'd like to add after i hav replied, u r always welcome to do so...