Thursday, August 26, 2010

marvellous morning

hav patience, this post has only 9 photos to load!

okay, so after a hiatus which shouldn't hav been this long, i'm back. with many photos.

.....So i did this small trip back to my hometown from kolkata / calcutta on 4th-5th of this month; and this i'm sharing through two seperate posts.
This, the first, has some photos of a fantasy-like morning captured from the train. The exact location of these photos can only be guessed, coz unfortunately my w580i doesn't hav geo-tagging..!
this as a set on flickr

marvellous morning -01

marvellous morning -02

marvellous morning -03
at some obscure unknown station, waiting for
another train to cross by, so that the train i was
on can move forward in the single-tracked

marvellous morning -04

marvellous morning -05
not the best thing possible, but i think it's okay..

marvellous morning -06

marvellous morning -07

marvellous morning -08
getting repetitive?!

marvellous morning -09 / breaking clouds
breaking clouds

the best is at the last!
breaking the clouds into pieces,
the sun shines on..

next post? soon!


Coloradocasters said...

How awesome are clouds? Ever changing and can provoke the dullest imaginations into dreaming up fantastic images out of thin air...literally. Great job, man. Keep the posts coming!

vini said...

beautiful scenic captures.. :-)
and the pic of the length and curve of the train is cool..
Waiting for the next set.


Red Nomad OZ said...

Breaking clouds pic faaaabulous - but what's more amazing is it could be anywhere in the world!

Emma Clark said...

Love the photos. Gloomy mornings have an unexpected loveliness about them... And I agree, the clouds breaking is beautiful.


Dan said...

@Coloradocasters well said!

@vini next is already here!

@Red Nomad OZ ya... u can take a photo like that from most places on earth..

@Emma Clark i visited ur blogs and made 3 comments on ur photography blog, but most probably kept getting marked as spam, or probably u deleted them?! plz reply abt it..