Saturday, August 7, 2010

previous 2 weeks

photos from 21st july to 4th august in kolkata (calcutta)

sometimes photos are better left untitled
"sometimes photos are better left untitled"

it isn't the most romantic when u dont hav a gf

it isn't the most romantic
when u dont hav a gf
stuck in the rain!

mixture of many elements

mixture of many elements

after the rain: bright sun, wet field, buildings and trees in distance, blue sky.... total mixture!!

this is high!

this is high!

got onto a roof in kolkata for the first time, and this is from the college i go to.

really? in calcutta?

Looks very small-town-ish , but it IS kolkata!

on 4th, i had to come back to my hometown, to get some necessary documents.. took many photos too..

Btw, here's something i wrote abt Inception :


Red Nomad OZ said...

Hi again! The romance of being in the rain with yr loved one is overrated in my opinion ... maybe the absence of a gf helped to make these awesome photos?

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I love when clouds are suspended over a building!or when the sun breaks thru the clouds...

Dawn said...

I love the photo where the sun breaks through! The rays are spectacular. And I do think it is romantic to have your loved one with you when it is raining. :) These are great pictures!

PhotographyIsLife said...

I love the second picture from the bottom. The clouds above the building look so cool!

I also like the rays of light that show in the one above. Great photos. :)

Coloradocasters said...

Not too shabby. I agree, some photos are best left untitled. I do a monthly excerpt called "photos from the field" and appreciate great photography. Nicely done.

Coloradocasters said...

Hey man! I just posted a photo thread on my blog if you wish to stop by and check it out! Just click my avatar to view my blogilicious.

colomboricua said...

Love your pictures. Keep posting!

Dan said...

@ALL ^
thanks for the comments, and i hav checked out ur blogs and hav started to follow some of them through a different Blogger profile..

Dan said...

except for u, @colomboricua .. there's no blog by u in ur profile!?!