Friday, September 24, 2010

After 11th August

ya.. after much procrastinations, these photos are finally on my blog.
refer to this post for related photos..

same place, different everything

beside the lake

beside rabindra sarovar lake, calcutta

just a normal road.

city in the evening
city in the evening

city in the evening 02
city in the evening 02

photos from the multi-level parking lot at forum mall.
i know i didn't do justice to the view of the city
from there... but still i uploaded.. :|

my frnd's scorpio inside the parkin lot.


shades of blue
shades of blue


reflections plus outside view from the inside of a metro station.

a thousand suns?
a thousand suns?

the way how the colors become one amazed
[i havn't listened to LP's new album yet. have u?]

brighten up!
brighten up!

btw, do u like the new buttons on the sidebar?


amfipolos said...

I truly love your style of photography. the first two and the second from the bottom are wonderful; I really like the one from inside the bus/train as well. what type of camera do you use?

Red Nomad OZ said...

A thousand suns is my personal fave - the perspective, colour and composition are awesome!

Happy travels!

Coloradocasters said...

Another great photo series. "Layers" is an amazing shot. I love when some of my photos have unexpected results that add another element to the shot. Fantastic work.

Dan said...

@amfipolos i don't like the first two much, but the "thousand suns?" pic is a fav. and i am tired of telling everyone what camera i use. do one thing : click on any photo above. That takes u to the flickr page. Click Actions button. In the drop down list, click View Efix info. See all the camera details.
And that photo (i think u r referring to "layers" ) is NOT from the inside of a bus or train, but from the inside of a metro (subway) train station. Though most of the subway train system is underground, the portions built later on are above the ground. The picture was taken from such a station.

@Red Nomad OZ ya it's my fav too. :) and is "Happy Travels" ur signature? coz i'm very much not travelling till mid-october.

@Coloradocasters thanks man! and that photo did had unexpected results. :)