Thursday, September 30, 2010

Apology. (an open letter)

Dear followers,
Some 350 of you may hav recieved 3 emails that said it was a newsletter from this blog, but actually was blank.

This happened mistakenly by me, and to some extent the browser was acting faulty at that time.. :(.

I can only say sorry at the incident, and do nothing more...
I understand that precious moments in your life was wasted by those three emails.. and i promise that in the future, it won't be happening from my side.

Apologies again,


Kalei's Best Friend said...

U worry too much..BTW should I be hurt? I didn't get one of those emails..:-)

amfipolos said...

I agree, you worry a bit too much. I didn't receive this either, but even if I had, so what?

Dan said...

@Kalei's Best Friend , @amfipolos i know i worry to much!! :|
But u know, i gotta show some responsibility! :)