Tuesday, November 30, 2010

another journey back home, part 2

this post includes a few from a place for which i had dedicated an entire post during my blogging of the previous journey, and other photos which were during the journey. some photos of the similar earlier post can't be matched. ever.

perspective of height

perspective of height

Gulma Recaptured

previous post: Gorgeous Gulma

Gulma Recaptured 01

Gulma Recaptured 02

Gulma Recaptured 03

this time too the train had stopped, but i was at a compartment towards the end this time, and had to move through many compartments to get a shot of the water body which looked very beautiful in the earlier post. this time, the sun was just too bright.

That's all about Gulma, now continuing the journey..


enter the dragon

enter the dragon

no, just one of two tunnels in the route :P

different day, different photo, same place

different day, different photo, same place

how many times will i post a photo of the same damn place?
probably i'll make a post compiling all the photos of this place!

contrasting halves

contrasting halves

normal exposure

in normal exposure

low exposure

in low exposure

no more publishable photos of the journey.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I love those trees in the house photo!. Hawaii has a lot of those..

Red Nomad OZ said...

You were probably only joking, BUT ... it would be great to see a 'retrospective' of all your photos of the same place! Interesting to see if your style changes, and the different ways it can look!!

Happy travels!!