Sunday, January 9, 2011

Abstractness and Afterglow

~~Happy New Year!~~


gang hangin out!

redefining abstractness

redefining abstractness

after almost a month since that abstract imagery created on an early rainy december morning, i was happy about another abstract photo.


Victoria Memorial, from the outside. again.
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up for some major changes in my daily schedule. it might just be that u wont see me for some 3 months.
if that is not the case, i should be blogging again towards the end of the month.

I wanted the title to have some word representing non-abstractness, but nothing appropriate came to mind. open for suggestions.

Btw, u may not have heard this awesome remix of Afterglow, by INXS with Sona

Very special mention of amfipolos, an amazing artist, photographer, writer and internet acquaintance, whose blog post Look Up Pt. I has have inspired me to look for photogenicity in this place which i dont call home.