Saturday, March 12, 2011

unnoticed and archived, but still here..


Well this photo should have been published some 4-5 months ago, but it went unnoticed by me in the heap of other photos.

The location is my hometown and the time is when i had last given a visit.

Finally, this photo is seeing the light some 1600 photos later!


amfipolos said...

I love this photo... then again I truly love all of your photos my friend!

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hey, great shot! It deserves it's own post!! But where's the town?

Have a great weekend!!

Cams said...

your town is really gorgeous. Is is that sun that still shines??
WoWWW amazing.....
But I was wondering if where is this place located?

Dan said...

@amfipolos : that's really very sweet of you to say that, dear!

@RedNomadOZ : it just happened that i had missed out on that photo before.. and i've gotten lazy or unintentionally procrastinative

@Cams , @RedNomadOZ : would i give that out so easily now ??? @RedNomadOZ ... i wud reveal it to you someday.... :))